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Our Team

Caleb Christensen - Owner

A true golfer who lives and breathes the game. Caleb has been playing since he was a kid, playing professionally since 2018, coaching since 2015, and is the founder of The Golf Project LLC.

In his teaching, 
Caleb's main focus is for each golfer to learn about their game and understand their unique tendencies. As a gritty player, Caleb understands what's really important on the golf course - scoring and getting the ball in the hole faster. When you work with Caleb, you'll gain a profound understanding of contact, ball flight, and club face control and you'll be able to better develop these elements when you practice.

Caleb's knowledge of the game and the golf swing are second to none, and his easy to understand methods will help improve anyone's game, no matter what level your game is at currently.

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