What is The Golf Project?

The Golf Project is an online golf academy and group for golfers led by Teaching Professional and Professional Golfer Caleb Christensen designed around one simple thing: we want to help you have more fun playing golf. 

Who can benefit from being a member?

Everyone, period. Golf is hard. The Golf Project is designed to make golf easier by providing access to instruction wherever and whenever you want it. No more driving to a pro, paying them $100, and then forgetting what they told you by the next day. The Golf Project is always here. 

Do online lessons really work and are they work your money?

Online lessons work (with the right program). Luckily this is the right program because we give you all the tools to succeed right on your phone or computer. We'll explore your game and find the areas where you can most improve. Then, through communication with our team of coaches, watch as your golf experience takes off. 

How do I submit videos for analysis?

Simply log-in to the membership portal and use the Video Upload page within to send videos, questions, and anything else you want to include straight to our team. 

Who analyzes my videos?

What do I do if I have other questions?

Reach out to Caleb at caleb@thegolfproject.net