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If you're interested in coaching from our team, please reach out via an email to or fill out the form below and we'll be in touch as quickly as we can!

Teaching golf is how The Golf Project began. It's our biggest passion and a huge part of what we do. Developing new players and helping everyone enjoy the game of golf as much as possible is how we can grow this great game. Everyone wants to play their best golf, and we're here to help you do just that!


Director of Instruction, Caleb Christensen has the experience to provide the insight and knowledge to help you succeed and play your best. We work with all kinds of players too, from beginners to professionals, juniors to seniors and everyone in between! Whether are just starting out, a weekend warrior, or a serious, competitive player we are here to help you achieve your goals and help your game reach new heights!



Our founder and Director of Instruction, Caleb Christensen, is our golf academy leader. He is in charge of all golf instruction and is eager to work with you! In his four years of teaching the game, Caleb has taught over 1,400 lessons and worked with players ranging from beginners playing for the first time to Division I college golfers and other teaching professionals.


Caleb's philosophy is simple; uncover the main causes of your inconsistencies and work to correct them while building an understanding of your game and how to play your best. You'll learn to build an awareness for the club face and build solid fundamentals based around skills that you can improve.


Caleb currently has two locations for teaching. Caleb teaches in New Ulm, MN at The Golf Project Indoor Golf Center and New Ulm Country Club and also at Somerby Golf Club in Byron, MN. To learn more about coaching at Somerby, click here.

To learn more about golf instruction, programs offered, and to get in touch with Caleb, use the buttons below! See you on the lesson tee!